Monday, March 16, 2009

The revisitation of things.

I am notorious for the following personality flaws:

1. Being exceptionally flaky in regards to plans.
2. Completing one out of every hundred projects I begin.
3. Starting laundry, but not finishing.
4. Not letting go.
5. Forgetting to pee.
6. Taking at least an hour to wake up.
7. Keeping contact.
8. Microwaving coffee about 10 times before I finish drinking it.

I dawdle and I drawl.

Sometimes I blame things on how I was raised - my mother doing my laundry for years. When I began doing my own, I would always leave it in the washer, then she would put it in the dryer days later for me. I never cleaned my room except in two am bouts of insomnia in which I would rearrange my entire room to angry knocks from my father telling me to stop. Even in this two time a week obsession, my room never was cleaned, never finished.

Right now, I'm cataloging books for The Hobbit Hole Library, opening in Shannon & I's house this month. A friend built a huge, awesome bookshelf (I tried to help, but am rather inept at things) which has provided inspiration and motivation to actually complete this project, push it to beautiful fruitition.

And The Canary, the only thing in life I've ever completed, but still have to make many more copies and mail them out like I promised to over the last year.

I take forever in things. I have the best of intentions, but the worst of energy.

I wouldn't necessarily label myself lazy. Just - easily distracted by the day to day happenings of human interaction. And absent minded. I have to write things down three times to remember them.

I don't understand sacrifice well enough any longer.

I don't even know why I wrote this.


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  2. You and I, we're two peas in a pod. :)

    I can take the laundry out, it's putting it in that is the hard part. And so we exist. Pefectly complimenting each other.

    Love you!

    Sorry, typos. Typos so terrible none of that would have made any sense. <3

  3. i, too, have life commitment issues.

    oddly enough, not relationship commitments. Ill jump right into those.

    But making mac and cheese... to much... too soon

  4. you said it best when you just said you are a "get to it when you get to it" kind of person. Its not your laziness, just your unwillingness to sacrifice the moments for the inevitable "routine".

    It is why you are such an amazing and inspirational being in my life. You coexist with those who need you and succeed even in your distracted efforts, because you only do what you do with love, juju love.

    After all you have a life's worth of time to get what you need to get done done.

    checks and balances make the world fucking run like a well greased pig.

    dont sacrifice your will to sacrifice. it always pays in the end.