Sunday, February 1, 2009

Premenstrual syndrome...

Once I dated a young gentleman who informed me I could not possibly suffer from PMS. A bulk of my life has been spent in belief of those I shouldn't and in disbelief of those I should believe most. Though it may be undiagnosed, I know my body and my reactions well enough to know that I am currently experiencing yet another monthly round of PMS. I have been diagnosed with much tougher labels than this one. There. I said it. Maybe that will be another entry.

Last night, Shannon and I thought about how long we had been menstruating for - thirteen years. That's right. I always thought I would get a late period and early menopause like my mother - a miracle, really.

Anyhow, I've been largely depressed, bloated, tired, greasy-food-or-candy-bar craving, irritable, moody, achey and tired. Given, many of these things plague me all four weeks of the month, but in particular strength right before my period.

So, here I am, a Sunday night. Utterly bored without reason. I could clean, I could rearrange my room as I've been planning, I could read, I could work on The Canary, I could send online messages to people I care about, I could make telephone calls I've been meaning to, go for a run even, knit perhaps.

Instead, I sit here, a bloated, sad faced mess of a young lady who still hasn't coped with these dysfunctions of mood after thirteen years of repetition. An estimated one-hundred and fifty six (156!) periods, not to mention the time in my life I got a period every other week.

I will continue to watch awful fictional crime television, look up information on PMS and think about how much my vagina has contributed to this growing landfill issue of ours. Or pick up the game of Pokemon Blue I've been working on for at least six months.

I hope quite honestly no one took the time to read this.
I do love womanhood.
I do love my period, most times.
And when it comes, it it always relieving to know either:
1. I'm not pregnant.
2. There is a semi-logical reason why I was fucking out of mind for the last week.


  1. I have always had a stange infatuation with a womans period... I actually get excited. Like sexually excited. Maybe it is because there is a sense of lulling the beast within sort of scenario, like how bugs bunny always calmed down taz with a radio. Its like that, just with sex.

    Or maybe there is a sort of virginality to it... but, virgins dont really do it for me. At least, not the way other dudes make a big deal out of it.

    My mother explained anything and everything a period was to me when I was seven years old. Ever since then, I just love a menstrating woman.

    Keep on bleeding, girl. I'll pick up the pieces of your mind.

  2. oh, boy. 156 periods. Why did you have to do the math? How many liters of blood do you think we've lost over the years? Honestly. 200, 300? 18 bodies worth.

  3. Brent, you are a priceless human being.

    Most guys are utterly frightened and disgusted by periods.

    Your mama's done good.